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    Summer 2024  


    Lighting Controls                                                                                                 Course #SM118

    Days:   Tuesdays & Thursdays                   Nights:   Four (4) Nights                              16 Hour course               

    Instructor:  Pat Tobin                                    Course Fee………$40.00*              Class Size:   8 Min. – 24 Max.

    Time:  3:30 pm to 7:30 pm      

    Dates:  July 16th  18th   23rd  and 25th   

    Description:  This class is a hands-on lighting control basics course using Wattstopper Controls. Students will learn the fundamentals of dimming controls, line vs. 0-10v, occupancy controls, daylighting controls, and Wattstopper's DLM network wiring and basic programming including emergency control functions. Lessons will include safety, code, and Title 24 related to lighting controls. 

    *(will be refunded-in-full if all classes are attended)

    Electrical Vehicle Charging Systems (EVCS)                                                Course #SM112

    Days:   Self-Directed Online       Timeline:   Four (4) weeks                                          24 Hour course

    Instructor:  Dan Mueller                      Course Fee………$85.00                                 Class Size:     8 Min – 24 Max

    Dates:   July   30th   August   13th   27th   (Zoom)    and   September   3rd in-person (Certification test)

    Time:  4:30 pm to 7:30 pm

    Description:  This class meets online briefly on the first and last night, via Zoom Video Conference, for details about beginning and completing the coursework. The class also meets for a three-hour class session two weeks into the class to review the Code Calculations in Lesson 4 of the coursework.  The course follows a self-guided curriculum on a Learning Management System which cover all aspects of electric vehicle equipment including the vehicles, charging stations, electrical vehicle supplies, NEC requirements, advanced load calculations, site assessment, troubleshooting and commissioning of electric vehicle charging stations. Following the completion of the coursework, the certification test will be offered in-person at the school following the last day of class.

    *(will be refunded-in-full if all classes are attended)

    Large Conduit Bending                                                                                        Course #SM113

    Days:  Tuesdays & Thursdays                  Nights:   Six (6) Nights                   24 Hour course               

    Instructor:  Scott Kingshill                                    Course Fee………$40.00*              Class Size:   12 Min. – 16 Max.

    Time: 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm      

    Dates:  August   27th   29th   Sept   3rd   5th   10th   and   12th        

    Description:       In this class students will review the basics of large conduit bending, including safety and code, and will practice bending 1 ½” through 4” conduit using a variety of sidewinder and hydraulic benders available in the lab. Students will complete a series of challenging bends to gain proficiency.

    *(will be refunded-in-full if all classes are attended)

    Fiber Optic Training                                                                                             Course #SM114

    Days:                    Mondays & Wednesdays             Nights:    Two (2) Nights                               8 Hour course

    Instructor: Joe Hagen                              Course Fee………$40.00*                       Class Size: 8 Min. – 12 Max.

    Time:   3:30 pm to 7:30 pm      

    Dates: August   5th   and   7th     

    Description: This class will cover Fiber Optic training for the construction industry, including safety and code. Learn the history, current use, and future of Fiber Optics in construction. Learn to terminate, inspect, test, and install Fiber Optic cable using Corning termination kits and Fluke testers.

    *(will be refunded-in-full if all classes are attended)

    Energy Storage and Microgrid Training (ESAMTAC)                                  Course #SM115

    Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays                  Nights:     Eleven (11) Nights                      33 Hour course               

    Instructor:  Pete El-Qare                                      Course Fee………$70.00                 Class Size:    12 Min. – 25 Max.

    Time:   4:30 pm to 7:30 pm      

    Dates:  Sept   3rd   5th   10th   12th   17th   19th   24th   26th   Oct   1st   3rd   and   8th 

    Description:  Energy Storage and Microgrid Training and Certification.

    *(will be refunded-in-full if all classes are attended)

    First Aid/CPR                                                                                                   Course #SM116

    Days:  Tuesday & Thursday                     Nights:     Two (2) Nights                              6 Hour course

    Instructor:  Fred Maggiora                       *Course Fee………$30.00                       Class Size:     8 Min. – 12 Max.

    Time:  4:30 pm to 7:30 pm      

    Dates:  September   17th   19th  

    Description:   CPR and Basic First Aid Training and certification. It can save a life on the jobsite or at home.

    *(will be refunded-in-full if all classes are attended)


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