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    Updated On: Jul 08, 2024


    We have three different application process'. 


    1.    Our regular application process is for those who do not have 4000 hours or over of prior experience with 110 volts or higher or are recently out of the military.


    2.    Our Helmets to Hardhats applications are for those who have completed their military duty within the  past five years with an honorable discharge.


    3.     Our 4000 hour applications is for those who have a minimum of 4000 hours of prior experience with 110 volts or higher working for a C-10 Contractor.



    Click on the links below for more detailed information regarding  the three different application processes.


    The Application:

     There  are  Five ( 5 )  requirements  that  must  be met  to  apply  for  the    San Francisco Electricians apprenticeship.  

    1. You Must be at least 17 years old to apply.  
    2. You Must have a Photo ID
    3.  You Must Complete our application
    • The first two pages (the "Application") must be filled out online/typed
    • Print all four pages. 
    • Complete the last two pages by hand.    


    1. You Must have proof of completing School, i.e:    (transcripts or diplomas)
    • G.E.D  OR
    • High School Graduate  OR   
    • 2 year College degree or Higher           
    1.      You Must have proof of taking and passing, with a "C" or higher, 
    • Algebra  OR   
    • Trigonometry   OR 
    • Calculus.   

    Two semesters of High School   OR  One Semester of College.                                                    If your proof of the math requirement does not clearly state "Algebra" or "Trigonometry" or "Calculus"  You Must submit a syllabus from your school showing the math that you are presenting was indeed Algebra, Trigonometry or Calculus.       

    (If you do not have the required math you will need to take a class at any community college of your choice or at

    Make Photo Copies of all your documentation & Highlight or mark  ONLY the Math requirements and Graduation/Completed date so that it is easily seen by our staff during the application process. Please be sure to also bring a photo Copy of your Photo ID too.   (See announcement for requirements)                                                                                                                              

    Final Step, bring all the documents to our facility on one of the application dates, within the time perimeters.   You must be in line before 3:30pm.  No one arriving after 3:30pm will be accepted.  Remember, the burden of proof is on you.  Without the above 5 items, your application will not be processed.          

    Mailed in applications will not be accepted.

    Applications will only be accepted in person on posted application days.


    Application Link:

    Online APPLICATION.pdf

    The first two pages must be typed filled on line, then Print all four pages.  Read and complete second two pages by hand, then bring all pages to the school on any of the applications dates along with a photo copy of all the required documents (see announcement).



    The Test:    

    When you apply, if you have all the required documents and your application is accepted, you will be given a date and instructions on when and where to appear for your test.  The test is a 10th grade reading comprehension & mathematics (based around algebra) test.  It is similar to the S.A.T. test.  To help prepare for the test you may visit:

    or search the internet for S.A.T. study guide.



    The Interview:

    Everyone who passes the test will be invited back for an interview.  The interview is a standard interview. 

    Everyone who interviews will be placed on our eligible applicant list.  We will contact applicants from the list and offer them an apprenticeship with the SFJATC when we have room in the school, the contractors need more apprentices and the committee directs us to take in a new apprentice(s).


    Announcement/Information Links:

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